Iowa Peer Network

Our mission is to connect and empower Peer Support Specialists in Iowa and foster a strong, skilled workforce.

Online Community

Are you trained as a Peer Support, Family Peer Support, or Recovery Coach? Join our online community!
Be part of a state-wide community that is working to improve mental health in the state of Iowa
Stay up to date on jobs and events across the state
Grow your knowledge and leadership skills
Make friends (and keep in contact with friends from your training class)!

What is Peer Support?

Peer Support Specialists are people who have experienced mental health challenges and have grown through them, who now help others experiencing similar situations. There are different kinds of Peer Support, including Family Peer Support for people who care for a family member with mental health challenges and Recovery Peer Support for people who have experienced substance abuse. Through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment, Peer Support Specialists help people become and stay engaged in the healing process. Healing and growth happen through connection and shared humanity, and that is the message Peer Support Specialists share.

What Does Iowa Peer Network Do?

Online Meetings

No one understands Peer Support better than other Peer Support Specialists! Join our online meetings and workshops to meet other Peer Support Specialists, talk about issues relevant to your work, and support each other.


Free consultations with an experienced professional in the field of peer support. These consults are available to peer support specialists, family peer support specialists, and recovery coaches. Need to troubleshoot an issue? Would you like help on your resume or preparing for an interview? Contact us for an online consultation. It is our goal to support your success in your career.

Continuing Education

Let us know what kinds of trainings will help you in your work! We will provide both in-person and online trainings free for Peer Support Specialists on topics like Wellness Recovery Action Plans and Suicide Intervention.

Our Vision

A peer support workforce that is well-trained, confident, and empowered. An environment where peer support is respected and integrated into the landscape of wellness. A future for mental health in Iowa that is accessible, person-centered, and relationship-focused.