Appreciation Spotlight: Kris Graves

What I enjoy most is when people tell me how much I’ve helped them.  I also love that helping others helps me in my struggles. 

I work 3rd shift on the Iowa Warm line. One thing I’ve learned as a PSS is reminding myself silence is okay, not every second needs to be filled with talking. Sometimes, silence is what the person needs the most even when with someone.  Sometimes being there, even on the phone on the warm line with silence is what is needed the most. 

One of Kris’ coworkers nominated her, saying “Kris’s kind heart and willingness to help others is contagious. Kris shows great compassion and gentleness towards others. I have seen Kris step out of her comfort zone and embrace challenges helping others for sake of assisting others to feel better about themselves and what they can accomplish. Kris warmly provides hope, empathy, and positivity. Kris makes you feel like you can take on any challenge, she gets you excited and assist you in believing in yourself.”

Iowa Peer Network would like to thank Kris for everything she does!


  • lisa Naslund
    Posted September 13, 2023 2:47 pm 0Likes

    Congratulations Kris!!! So well deserved to be in the spotlight of appreciation. I appreciate all you do as well. Thanks for being you and being so good at it !!!

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