Appreciation Spotlight: Laura Lemus

Meet Lora! Lora was nominated for the Peer Support Appreciation by Cindy West, Program Director of Full Circle Recovery Community Center. “She is a phenomenal recovery coach!”

“I am a woman and Recoveree and what that means to me is that I have not used any mood-altering substances since March 28 of 2019 and because of that I get to work at Full Circle Recovery Community Center as a peer recovery specialist. I am gratefully blessed to be given the opportunity to work and walk with other recoveries in their path. I’m grateful to God and everyone that’s been supportive to help me along the way. It’s an amazing thing to be able to work for an organization that aims to connect with the community for a common goal of guiding and empowering people to embrace their full potential. Full Circle Recovery Community Center is safe, welcoming, and free of judgment. It’s my hope to reach as many peers as possible. I think it’s great that I bring lived experience to the organization. I know for me and my journey it was always encouraging and uplifting to work with somebody that has been through what I was going through. There’s a level of shame and guilt that is super hard to get over in the early stages of recovery Full Circle offers peer-to-peer, coaching, volunteer opportunities and so much more.”

-Lora Lemus, Peer Recovery Coach

The Iowa Peer Network team is honored to help Cindy recognize Lora for embodying the values of peer support and for the wonderful work she is doing at Full Circle Recovery Community Center in Council Bluffs.

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