Appreciation Spotlight: Tammy Carroll

I have been working at Plains Area Mental Health Center for almost 3 years as a Family and Peer support specialist but have been working in Mental Health field for 8 years helping others meet their ultimate goal of independence.

Depression and anxiety have always been a part of me since I was about 28. But it got worse these past few years as I experienced domestic violence. I experienced emotional abuse, low self-worth and putting myself last. I let my own physical and mental health decline by taking care of my ex-husband and making sure my children remained safe within the home. Within the couple of years, I have decided to focus on myself mentally and physically by attending mental health therapy and medication management services.

What I enjoy most about my job is helping members live their life to their fullest despite their diagnosis or past trauma. I love my job not only because I get to help so many amazing members learn new coping skills or know that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel when they are struggling to see it. I also work with some amazing coworkers who have become like family and are always there to help one another whether it be personal or work related. Having amazing coworkers really makes the hard days at the office much more amazing. The best thing I have learned while working in this field is that sharing our lived experiences with members helps them the most. At first it was very hard for me to share my dark times with members but when you hear them tell you how hearing about how I have overcome so much gives them hope that they can as well. I have also learned about so many different resources and help for myself, as well as, my child who is diagnosed with ODD, anxiety and ADHD.

One of Tammy’s coworkers nominated her, saying “Tammy is a team player and always
willing to help others including clients and staff. Tammy has embraced taking lead on roles that others
often were reluctant to do so. Tammy is knowledgeable, resourceful and always willing to learn more to
assist not only clients but staff as well. Tammy volunteers when able, to cofacilitate WRAP groups, often
stepping out of her comfort zone speaking in front of other peers. I am not a supervisor, but in my opinion, Tammy is an asset to our family/peer support team here at Plains Area Mental Health.”

Iowa Peer Network would like to thank Tammy for all she does!

Do you know someone who is making a difference in their role as a Peer Support, Recovery Coach, or Family Peer Support Specialist?

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