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Sara started as a volunteer on a crisis hotline in 2007, went on to train and supervise other volunteers, and has been a Peer Support Specialist since 2015. She believes that unconditional positive regard is the foundation for trust, safety, and healing, and she has trained more than 500 volunteers, Peer Support Specialists, and community members on empathy and active listening.

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Kellee is the program manager for the Iowa Peer Workforce Collaborative which provides training and continuing education to peers in Iowa and provides technical assistance and support to Iowa agencies and organizations to enhance the employment, hiring, and retention of Peer Support Specialists, Family Peer Support Specialists, and Peer Recovery Coaches. Kellee is passionate about teaching, innovative, forward-thinking and enthusiastic.

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Mirna’s work focuses on helping individuals on their recovery journey through peer support, while sharing her own recovery story as a source of hope and motivation. She is a consultant for the mid-America ATTC (Addiction Technology Transfer Center), providing training and support for individuals and agencies focusing on peer support and trauma informed care. She is a certified peer trainer for the Missouri credentialing board, and a trauma informed care facilitator.

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Frank’s personal experience with trauma as a child led him to dedicate his life to helping others. Frank has worked abroad in Gaza and the West Bank, Haiti, and other countries for agencies like the International Center for the Protection of Victims of Torture. He currently consults for mass shootings, trauma-informed care, and provides direct consultation to clinicians working with complexly traumatized children and families.

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Question As a supporter, who can I talk to or where can I go if I need support? Answer Support Groups At Iowa Peer Network, we offer a Peer Support for Professionals support group on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. We come together virtually to provide and offer support to others around the state of Iowa. We…

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Question What is a Peer Support Specialist, Family Peer Support Specialist, or Recovery Coach? What is the difference? Answer Peer Support Specialist A Peer Support Specialist is someone with lived experienced and doing well in their recovery who has received training to promote hope and wellness to others. They provide support to others in their recovery journey with goals, advocacy,…

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I am a peer support specialist, as well as the outreach specialist for Iowa Peer Network. I love my job! I do what I do for a myriad of reasons. The main reason is to be the person I wish I had when I was struggling.

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I fell into Peer Support by accident in 2018. I completed my training as a Peer Support Specialist in 2021 through the Iowa Peer Workforce Collaborative and became State Certified in early 2022.

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I started my human service career as a volunteer at a crisis hotline because I knew what it was like to feel hurt and isolated, and I wanted to give back to others who felt that way. I became trained as a Peer Support Specialist in 2015.

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Question What is a Peer Support Specialist, Family Peer Support Specialist, or Recovery Coach? What is the difference? Answer Iowa Peer Network is a peer-run organization that offers a platform for Peer Support Specialists, Family Peer Support Specialists, and Recovery Coaches across Iowa to network, connect, and engage with others in the supporter’s field. We offer opportunities to support and…