As a supporter, who can I talk to or where can I go if I need support?


Support Groups

At Iowa Peer Network, we offer a Peer Support for Professionals support group on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. We come together virtually to provide and offer support to others around the state of Iowa. We share our challenges and our wins. We offer ideas or just general support. Facilitated by Laura Semprini and Nancy Tuebel.


We also have a 90-minute workshop once a month on the 2nd Tuesday. Each month we talk about issues specific to our fields. In the past we have had topics around resources, boundaries, and client relations. Facilitated by Sara Knox with guest speakers as available.

Message Board

We have a message board where we are able to connect in between meetings. Here, you can post a message about your challenge, or your win and others will be able to communicate their support with you.

One-to-One Consultation

We at Iowa Peer Network are able to provide consultation one to one. If you are looking for more support with entering the field of peer support, need help rewriting your resume, or just needing to troubleshoot an issue, she is available to provide support.