What is a Peer Support Specialist, Family Peer Support Specialist, or Recovery Coach? What is the difference?


Peer Support Specialist

A Peer Support Specialist is someone with lived experienced and doing well in their recovery who has received training to promote hope and wellness to others. They provide support to others in their recovery journey with goals, advocacy, and resources.

Family Peer Support Specialist

A Family Peer Support Specialist is someone with experience as a parent/caregiver of a child with mental health needs. A Family Peer Support Specialist is one who can support families by providing resources, educating on coping skills and advocacy skills.

Peer Recovery Coach

A Peer Recovery Coach is an individual with lived experience of substance use who is in recovery and received training with sharing their story and journey to promote a life of recovery in others. They may serve as an advocate,offering resources, and teaching skills for increasing resiliency.